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IRS Audit Defense

Touch Eaker Peréz now to consult with all our taxation defense lawyers For those who were informed you will likely soon probably undoubtedly be audited.
Your Own Topics — Call Audit Defense Attorneys
In Eaker Perez Lawwe give attention to providing information on just how to address requests and interactions with all the IRS, shepherding the documentation procedure, and coping with the IRS through the duration of the analysis approach. Tax audit representation, and dealing together with an lawyer might possibly help shield your loved ones personally, you, and your business by the IRS .

Eaker Peréz Law taxation defense lawyers help customers protecting their taxation yields during the process and experiencing an audit.

Possessing an lawyer that will assist you will possibly impact on the results. Our taxation defense lawyers in Eaker Peréz bring plenty of knowledge and have helped tens of thousands of customers.

We work to help with the following:
You should act fast and get an attorney if you’re now being audited by the IRS. IRS audits are on average on as modest as a 30day deadline, providing you almost no time to choose proper actions. Do not let IRS audits conquer or frighten you.
Once the IRS notifies you that you’re now being audited, you might well not understand just what to do or you might feel frustrated. The best way to cope with an IRS audit and prepare may have a excellent effect on one’s situation’s results. An lawyer may be able to assist with deals, meetings, and even the documentation asks .
In Eaker Perézwe highly appreciate wracking freedom and use customers to help them prepare proper documentation to get an IRS audit.
Contact to research your choices.

Tax Defense Helps Within an IRS Audit
What if I do when I am being audited?
Our tax defense solicitors in Eaker Peréz help customers walk and become knowledgeable.
As a portion of our work with customers we assess each customer’s unique situation to find out the most effective steps to take in regards to civil obligations and legal charges.
As a way to help protect your own rights within a tax exempt from the IRS, then it’s necessary to generate. We work to assist meet requests
In Eaker Peréz Law, we’ve functioned tirelessly to help tens of thousands of customers throughout taxation defense procedure and the audit, including inoffice audits, email audits and field clauses.
IRS audits are filled with disadvantages to people who have not experienced the audit procedure and are knowledgeable about regulations and the tax code. Dealing together with Eaker Peréz brings connection with 1000s of audits to a audit, assisting make the procedure simpler and providing you with the insight in to audit disadvantages.

The IRS asks a shocking quantity of documentation and advice throughout a scheduled appointment onto a time line. For companies and individuals, preparing this instruction in the manner in which that reduce tax obligations and will expedite the audit is even though they truly are accountant or a tax preparer.
Logistics and daily dealings with IRS representatives Assist with sensitive topics and Seasoned mediation advice during the procedure by means of a privileged attorney-client relationshipCope with evaluation of documents, documentation orders along with also other info requests against your IRSDrafting letters along with advocacy documentation into the IRSWitness prep for IRS interviewsCoping with IRS summonses

We work with customers on These Kinds of IRS audit protection:
Eaker Pérez Law has working encounter for example resolving lobbied, reacting to summonses, representation throughout enforcement event, negotiating obligations, filing attractions, and litigating taxation rankings.

When coping with the IRS, then you maybe facing penalties, payments, or criminal charges straight back.

Tax Liens

Araujo Law Offices tax attorneys assist customers with all things “tax lien” related in All States throughout the country.   We work with your State’s taxation authorities, as well as the IRS.  We implement different techniques when working on discharging tax liens with the IRS, and the various States, to meet our individual client’s particular needs.

Tax liens can have a significant impact upon daily life and greatly affect one’s real property, finances, or employment.  Attempting to manage life once there is a tax lien can be overwhelming and requires the help of a skilled professional.  It is vital to act by seeking out a professional’s help to ensure no deadlines are missed or other factors that could negatively impact the ability to remove a lien or prevent one from being filed in the first place.

What is a Tax Lien?A tax lien is a claim the government has on a citizen’s property, future or current, for non-payment of taxes.   Differently stated, the government cannot just take control or dominion over your land or property without first filing the tax lien.

A tax lien does not mean that the government will immediately move to seize your property in an effort to pay your outstanding tax liability.  There are many steps the government must go through before that happens.  You will want a professional on your side to ensure it never gets to the point of your home being sold in an auction, for example.

Federal Tax Liens

An IRS tax lien is typically filed in the county where your property is held, or the county you reside in, or both.  If it is a State tax lien, it maybe recorded with the Secretary of State.  This means it is a public record.

We work with tax payers who have received a notice that the IRS will file a lien after there is an established tax balance legally due in an effort to prevent it.  Tax Liens can adversely affect one’s employability or existing employment.  Our goal is to ensure your rights are protected and, more importantly, your property and ability to earn a living.

Our Tax Resolution Attorneys assist customers negotiate Installment Agreements or other resolution options in order to avoid or eliminate tax liens.  All cases are different, however, and each set of facts is taken into consideration.

California Tax Liens

Back in California, there are several state agencies that could place a tax lien against one’s property, for example, the CDTFA, formerly known as the State Board of Equalization, the Employment Development Department or EDD, and the Franchise Tax Board or FTB, could submit a tax lien against a person or a company. We work to address California tax lien things.

We are Tax Resolution Attorneys Struggling to Protect our Clients’ Prosperity

Remember, it is all about procedure.  The government must follow procedure before it can legally file a tax lien against you for a past due tax obligation.  You are able to take actions to protect against a tax lien As the time lines are tremendously short once you’ve received the first letter informing you of an impending lien.  The government must do much more than this however, to get to the point where actual seizure is possible.  Our clients do not ever get to that stage of enforcement.  This is because they utilized the services of professionals uniquely equipped to handle liens.

It’s crucial to speak to a skilled tax attorney after you realize you have a tax debt or that the IRS or state agency is currently searching for your assets. We assist tax payers take action.


Waiting will limit your options to handling the filing of a tax lien or dealing with an existing tax lien.  Don’t dismiss a letter of an outstanding tax debt.  Speak with a reputable Tax Resolution attorney.

In Eaker Pérez Law, we’re all set to assist you and your organization with your taxation concerns.  Put us to work for you.

What can be overwhelming, if not terrifying, for any individual or business, is paying back overdue taxes to the largest collection agency in the world: The IRS. IRS debt can be confusing and hard to understand at times. Unless you have an experienced tax, attorney who will walk you through this process, and protect you from being taken advantage of by the Internal Revenue Services.  The IRS is not your friend and they are not there to help you.  Their job is to negotiate deals that work in the government’s favor.  It is not an understatement to say they don’t care about you or your personal circumstances.  They don’t care if you are taking care of your aging parent, or that you have private tuition to pay for your 11-year-old special needs child.  Hiring a tax professional will help you understand what your options are, and more importantly, what your rights are.  Having someone to fight for you is what you need during one of the most stressful times of your financial life. 

Here at Tax Relief Pros, we add value to your business and individual wealth by preserving it during an Offer in Compromise negotiation.  This only happens when you hire an experienced tax settlement attorney who is well versed in offer in compromise cases and dedicated to serving their clients.  At Tax Relief Pros we look at the totality of the circumstances when evaluating whether or not a tax payer is a good candidate for this type of resolution. An offer in compromise, once successfully negotiated requires commitment on the part of the tax payer to follow the rules.  It is important to note that there are several different types of offers in compromise that can be submitted on your behalf.  You want an experienced team of tax resolution professionals that will guide you through the various types of offers in compromise to ensure the most viable option for success.

Tax Settlement Options for Unpaid Taxes 

Tax settlements may include offers in compromise as a means to rid an individual or business of tax debt. The best way to identify the options for preventing, reducing, or eliminating an IRS tax debt is by working with an experienced and trusted tax settlement attorney. Protecting our client’s assets and maximizing their business value is our chosen profession and we pride ourselves on our ability to accomplish these objectives successfully. To be able to accomplish these objectives we, and our clients, must work together in order to discover the appropriate solution.  Since we are a law firm, you are protected by Attorney-Client privilege and can rely upon that when discussing your sensitive matter with one of our attorneys or staff members. 

Reasonable cause is one of the single biggest reasons for the IRS to settle a tax debt with a tax payer. Discovering, and arguing reasonable cause can only be successfully identified by an experienced tax attorney. Settling with the IRS allows our clients to pay far less than originally owed, saving our clients significant sums in assessed tax, penalties, and reduced interest.

Contact Araujo Law, Tax Relief Pros today to speak with an experienced tax settlement specialist. 

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