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Criminal Tax Defense

Get a free consultation today if you’re charged or believe that the IRS is building a case against you.

In case you have been accused of a tax related offense, do not wait to get legal counsel that knows your case.

At Araujo Law Offices, our tax attorneys work to safeguard their faith and reevaluate tax penalties and incarceration having a unique blend of aggressive defense against charges and through understanding of our clients’ situations.

Immediate Proof — Intentional mistakes on returns is just one of the easiest, and fastest, ways the IRS can detect evidence in a criminal tax situation Net-worth — The authorities looks at the value of resources you have to Find out if it matches with your Tax Statements, including property, bank accounts, along with other factors on your web worthLife Style — IRS agents look into your lifestyle and expenses to see if your spending customs and tax yields match upBank Deposits — Assessing where alleged deceptive money is going is another method the IRS uses to convict tax crimes
In Araujo Law Offices, our tax lawyers that are criminal work to defend clients from a few of the most common tax offense accusations that are criminal, such as:

Having a lawyer assist you with your own case is As soon as the IRS is coming to inquire you. Araujo Law Offices can be a seasoned attorney who has dealt with taxation cases in both the national and state level and has worked with many customers on tax cases.
Get Araujo Law Offices Law about your Criminal Tax Case Now

Tax-evasion Failing to document income tax returnsFiling false income tax yields ObstructionMoney launderingMail fraudWire-fraud Under-reporting of earnings Submitting false documentsMaking false statements or asserts gets the IRS contacted you?
Possessing a criminal tax attorney prepared to struggle for you and somebody you can trust is crucial you’ve been audited, approached by special IRS agents, or guess or understand once some thing in your recurrence is wrong.
Our experienced tax lawyers at Araujo Law Offices have helped clients acquire cases against state tax bureaus and the IRS when charged with tax crimes, including tax evasion, failure to file, falsified taxation, along with other unlawful taxation offenses. Tax charges are a serious allegation that can result in jail time, huge tax debts, and also lack of professional licenses.
Failure or delay in obtaining the right lawyer to defend you might cause a genuine prison sentence. Araujo Law Offices will represent you at every point of the legal proceedings and work really hard to guard your family and you.

Most investigations will start out having an audit from the IRS and then will advance to criminal charges. However, in case you’re contacted with the IRS or realize that you are now being audited, it’s crucial to do something fast. In certain circumstances it might take time until the IRS proceeds with charges but if they arrive unexpectedly, you’ve the right to an lawyer. Before taking action, don’t wait a long time.
Being charged with a taxation offense may have an enduring impact on youpersonally, your loved ones, and your life. The IRS is aggressive and will not stop until there’s a conviction. They boast an astonishing 80% incarceration rate for those that perpetrate criminal taxation offenses.
You are charged with a legal taxation crime, suspect you may be charged later on if, or be aware you have perpetrated a tax crime before, speak to the Araujo Law Offices today to speak with a criminal tax lawyer.
CPAs and tax preparers are usually high up that the IRS calls on–but a supplementary privilege with your defense attorney means you have personally.
In Araujo Law Offices, we’re ready to help you and your family along with your taxation concerns that are criminal. Put in criminal tax defense to work foryou. Contact Araujo Law Offices, your family flourish and to observe how we will assist you.

The IRS is actively looking for any inconsistencies when exploring a taxation offense and might not always inform you of exactly everything they are looking into. It isn’t uncommon for IRS representatives to follow the ones they think are committing taxation crimes within an investigation, before notifying the suspect. If you’ve been inconsistencies in your earnings, personal finances, or company accounts, contacting Araujo Law Offices immediately can help your case even when you’re unsure you are still under investigation by the IRS.
They will determine whether the action was deliberate, meaning that you intentionally filed a false announcement As soon as the IRS finds one in your own tax filings. The IRS may send a broker to your home or place of work.
The government uses a number of different Procedures to establish taxation crimes, such as:
Our criminal law lawyers work using discretion given by attorney-client privilege with clients and encourage our customers through the duration of the criminal taxation procedure.

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