Tax controversies with the Internal Revenue Service focus on personal and business income. Federal tax litigation is the process of resolving tax controversies that arise due to an audit, unfiled tax returns, or any other myriad ways that can cause a tax problem. Tax litigation can involve both civil and criminal tax matters. Unlike other methods of tax relief, federal tax litigation takes your case to court.

Usually, tax litigation is a last resort option for people who have received a deficiency notice or a 90-day notice that the IRS expects payment for unpaid or underpaid taxes.  To mitigate tax liabilities, litigation is required. Other federal tax litigation claims may be related to refunds or possibly due to complex and unusual interpretations of tax regulations.

Araujo Law has extensive experience litigating federal tax claims.

To give our clients a comprehensive defense against tax litigation, Araujo law brings a combination of experience in both criminal and civil tax matters at the federal and state level. 

Where the IRS alleges you have committed civil tax fraud or criminal tax crimes, tax litigation often begins with an audit. Some tax cases cannot be resolved through dealing directly with the IRS while some tax matters can be resolved administratively. In certain cases, the best course of action is taking the tax controversy to court in order to get the best outcome. 

After other methods of resolution have failed,  taking tax controversies to court could be your only hope so make sure to do that with an aggressive and experienced tax attorney – Tax Relief Pros. 

To seek the best outcome for our clients is our number one priority.